Q:  I like different materials from one of the "mood schemes" and a flooring from one of the room images.  Am I allowed to cherry pick (e.g.- one from this group, one from that, etc.)? 

A:  Yes, pick from whichever groupings or "schemes" you like.  Our "moods" are to help you get an overall "feel" for how the raw materials look in a particular setting, aesthetic or with certain colors. You might like the flooring in Palm Desert, but the counter top in Beach Modern, and a tile from  Moroccan Love.  We expect most buyers that are interested in package ONE to cherry pick?  However, that said, we do carry an A LA CARTE option.  If you are interested in package TWO (depending on the level of help you want from us), you might not have to cherry pick, and in package THREE we will select all the materials for you.

Q:  I see fabrics, wallpaper and rugs in your of the offerings and groupings.  Are you selling fabric, wallpaper and rugs too?

A:   We sell PLANKD fabric, wallpaper and hardware, designed by us.  We also have custom designed tile for PLANKD.  Those will be clearly notated in the product descriptions, when you "click" on a grouping.  Otherwise if it's not listed, the fabric or wallpaper shown in the images are there to give you a sense of an overall design scheme and color palette.  

If you want to know what the unlisted product (fabric, wallpaper, carpet) is, once you purchase a package, we will list the details about those items, and where you can purchase it, or we can purchase it for you.

If you would like us to select wallpaper for you there is an option to add this service as part of your overall package, or if all you are interested in is wallpaper (and no other materials) you can select that service in A LA CARTE.

Q:  It's hard to distinguish one wood flooring stain or finish from another one.  Can I see all the stains and finishes in one place?  

A:  We have pulled together a page of the wood Finishes here.  Please keep in mind that there are many stains and species of woods (walnut, oak, pine, fir) available in the marketplace.  Here at PLANKD we've narrowed the wood finishes and species to an offering that fits within our style and aesthetic.  It's edited, to the tones we love to use in our projects, and know you'll love in yours.

Q: How can I tell if the tile or stone is honed vs polished?

 A:  We have listed the specifics of the tile or stone, including whether or not the piece in the photograph is honed or polished.  If you still can't decide and the product IS available in both finishes, we can send you a sample of both.

Q:  You have some room images listed in the packages, and more photos in your portfolio, but how can I see how the tile I picked out will look with the other materials all together?

A:   We DON'T have every combination of tile, stone, flooring and paint that we've hand selected in a room image on PLANKD.  But we can help you "visualize" a few different ways. First off, we do have Inspiration and Room photos in coordinating PLANKD Pinterest boards with a direct link right in each product grouping description.  If you chose to purchase Package TWO or THREE - you can send us your inspiration photos, so we can help guide you in your selection process and "get the look."  OR after you pick the raw materials you like, we can send YOU images to show you photographs of examples (due to copyright infringement, we can't just grab photos off the internet and post them on our site).  In package THREE - we do more work for you and can send renderings, elevations or tile layouts to help with the visualization. 

Q:  Do you offer To the Trade discounts to designers, architects or contractors if we buy from you?

A:  For PLANKD exclusive FABRIC, HARDWARE and TILE, we can offer a Trade discount - to contractors, architects and designers.

We provide a service to ANYONE including designers, architects and contractors in need of RAW MATERIALS; tile, stone, flooring, paint.  We will provide you with a Finish Schedule which will list the products and where you can purchase the materials on your own, or we can purchase everything for you and ship it to your project or contractor.  

Q:  Who is responsible for exact quantities, ensuring accuracy and getting product delivered on time?

A:  You will decide who is ordering your materials.  If it is your contractor like any other job he will provide you with quantities.  It would be his responsibility to manage delivery. If you order through us we will get exact quantities from your contractor, place order and make sure it arrives at your project on time.

Q:  There are a million different shades of “white” subway tile (plus handmade, machine made, etc.), what makes the ones here any different?  And what if the white is not the right white?   

A:  Buying white subway tile is like buying a basic white T-shirt.  They come at all price points with different quality and features.  If you found a white subway tile at your local home improvement store that fits within your budget, fantastic!  Hopefully you can find other materials at PLANKD that will coordinate with your white subway and elevate your space.

We have picked "unique" white subway tile that WE like - some handmade, or hand planed, some machine made, or beveled - but we don't want to offer just any white subway...we like white subway to be different than everything else out there...i.e. instead of a standard 3"x 6," we like the 2"x 8" rectangular - or 4"x 8" oversized, but still affordable. If the whites vary, we'll send you another option.

PLANKD offers you an edited selection.....so that you don't have to feel overwhelmed with choices and KNOW we've already done the homework for you.  These raw materials are our hand picked favorites, with quality and style at various price points.  We've used these materials time and time again.

Q:  Also there are many differences and variation in marble tones- like Cararra vs Calcutta gold, etc.?  

A: BINGO. Natural stone will all have inherent differences in color and variation.  We can only guide you in your natural stone selection and cannot guarantee any consistencies in color or variation.  If you live local to Boston we do offer slab selection services at an hourly rate.  If you want us to guide you on the differences between Calcutta Gold and Calcatta Bluette we can try to tell you as much as we can.  For example, we may suggest that you look at Imperial Danby because it has greys and brown tones, BUT Mountain Danby has blacks and off-whites, with some hints of green.  This is where the fun starts.

For questions on SAMPLES & SHIPPING, go here.